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Below are descriptions of the types of services MBC has provided for our clients and partners. Feel free to contact us for more information about how we can help your business.

Adwan Chemical
  • Provided an Internal audit at the Adwan Facilities.

  • Offered consulting regarding its silica sand division and business development.

  • Searched for new markets in Europe and Asia, assisted in the development of new products.

Handy Chart
  • Offered consultancy for market activity.



Himmah Investment Group
  • Proofing of business opportunities in Europe.

  • Consulting and advice for multicultural bridges between Saudi investors and European investors.

  • Feasibility study for a joint venture.

  • Search for European partners willing to invest in Saudi in ceramics, outlets, and solar business.

Rina Group
  • Consultancy in market development.

  • Supports mining division in Asia.

  • Realized a market study in Pakistan to analyze a possible investment in a silica sand plant there.

Crescent Petroleum & Habtoor Leighton Group
  • Business and Market analysis.

  • Developed new business concept.

  • Restructuring and achieving turnaround.


  • Took over role of business development manager in October 2019.

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